What is business coaching?

Coaching is a highly powerful and focused developmental tool that enables the client to target key objectives in a challenging, open, creative, and practical way.

Traditional coaching tends to follow a process of discovery and understanding and then moves on to goal setting and action planning.

Whilst effective throughout a business, coaching has proven to be one of the most effective ways to ensure behavioural change at senior levels. The atmosphere is non-threatening, positive and constructive, allowing for interactive and confidential discussion. 

Is coaching the same as ‘teaching’?

No, coaching is about the client learning, but the coach is a facilitator, not a teacher.

Coaching is a technique used to unlock potential within a client through active listening and focussed questioning. The coach can provide structure and space to consider a topic in order to achieve a new insight or fresh perspective, but this is not done through “telling”, but rather “exploring”.

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

As consultants we are employed to bring our experience and expertise to the table, advising and making recommendations on strategies, plans and project delivery. Sometimes we are asked to create documents, define actions or deliver audits/reports.

As coaches we are asked to facilitate change through tapping in to the talent and potential already embedded within the organisation and guiding staff to discovering and delivering performance, time, cost and risk efficiencies.

How do you work?

The great majority of our time is client facing so, therefore, usually takes place at the client’s premises. However, due to online capabilities we a have a global reach and offer distance coaching services that have proven just as effective.

Where are you based?

Our consultants are based all over the Southwest of England, but our clients are all over the world!

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